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Italy style shelf

Italy style shelf

Short Description:

1.ITEM NO. : YD-S034

2.NAME:Italy style shelf

3.SPECIFICATION: L1200*W1000*H1950mm (Acceptable of required size)

4.Layers: 5

5.Surface treatment: Epoxy mresin static electricity,process 60-80um

6.Material: High quality GRS

7.Capacity per layer: 80-150kg/layer

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Shelf characteristics:

This Italy style shelf is our company's patented shelf, unique in shape, suitable for high-end market.

When we use shelves, we always pay attention to quality and beauty. Few people will mention how to display and how to arrange the shelves to be beautiful and good. And below, let's take a look at the factors we need to consider when setting up shelves:

First, determine the style of the shelf itself, especially the height and width. The height of the shelf should generally be conceived and designed according to the specific situation and the needs of people's activities. The height of the shelf should be adapted to the height of the human body to facilitate customers' shopping. After the height of the shelf is determined, the length of the shelf can be determined according to the specific conditions of the space and the selected mode of transportation. The law of the golden section can also be used, that is, length and width are formed in a ratio of 1:0.618, resulting in a rational beauty. The plane discharge of the shelves is also very important. There are many ways to choose from, including queue type, island type, radial type and so on.

It is very important to determine how to arrange the shelves through different heights and different layouts. And we can also determine according to our preferences.

Why choose Yuanda?

  1. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied within 6 hours.
  2. 80% of sales have more than five years of experience, all your inquiries will be well explained.
  3. Our factory has 28 years of experience in the production of supermarket & warehouse equipment.
  4. Export to many countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc., and has also cooperated with global large supermarkets.
  5. The MOQ is 10 , OEM & ODM, accepts customized services and guarantees timely delivery.
  6. We will keep secret for customer sale area, design ideas, and all other private information.

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