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Stainless Steel Vegetable Rack YD-V011

ITEM NO. : YD-V011
NAME: Stainless Steel Vegetable rack
Material: Metallic,Plastic, Cold-rolled Steel
Capacity: 40-120kgs/layer
Application: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Store
Color: Customized Colors
Logo: Customized(Customer’s logo can be printed)

The high-quality fruit and vegetable rack is made of thick cold-rolled steel, with a smooth surface, not easily deformed, and high strength, providing a layer of protection and a longer service life. The environmentally friendly plastic spraying process is non-toxic and tasteless, has strong adhesion, is not easy to peel off, and does not cause harm to the human body without formaldehyde. The thicker column makes the whole frame more stable. It adopts high-quality density board with higher density. The surface is treated with high-quality plastic powder, corrosion resistance, high-quality and durable, and quality is guaranteed. A protective foot is added to the bottom, which is not only safe and beautiful, but also effectively prevents accidents such as scratches. The tray is made of stainless steel, which is more durable and corrosion-resistant than plastic, and the stainless steel is easier to clean and easy to wipe. There is a storage space below, so you can stack more goods. The product supports customized services, and can be customized in different colors and logo printing, and can be customized according to needs.

Show details:

1. Double-layer design, you can put more goods, which greatly saves space.

2. The height can be adjusted, and the height can be adjusted freely according to the needs to adapt to different groups of people.

3. Easy to disassemble, the whole frame can be disassembled, which is convenient for installation and transportation.

4. Grid design, large-capacity storage, quick stacking and sorting of goods

5. A price tag can be placed on the top, and the price of the product is clear at a glance

6. Fashionable and beautiful, can effectively improve the image of the store, suitable for use in supermarkets, fruit shops, farmer's markets and other scenes

7. Produced in a professional factory, no middleman, affordable, quality guaranteed.


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