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Fashionable Appearance Vegetable Rack YD-V008

ITEM NO. : YD-V008
NAME:Vegetable rack
Material: Metallic,Plastic, Cold-rolled Steel
Capacity: 40-120kgs/layer
Application: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Store
Color: Customized Colors
Logo: Customized(Customer’s logo can be printed)

Vegetable rack characteristics:

The high-quality fruit and vegetable rack has a fashionable appearance. The exterior is all sprayed with pickling and phosphating electrostatic plastic powder, which is anticorrosive and rustproof, beautiful and durable. The upright column and the crossbeam are tightened with screws, which is more stable, adopts high-tech processing, high technological cost, and stable base. The overall frame adopts a thickened square tube frame structure, which can carry more items and is stronger and more durable than ordinary shelves. The material is machined with high-quality steel. The whole frame can be disassembled, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The bottom is an open design, which can stack the required goods, and the upper and lower design effectively saves the use of space. The humanized forward-leaning design of the washbasin is convenient for taking and placing goods. The tray uses stainless steel edging, which greatly reduces the loss. The corners are designed with stainless steel edging and rounded corners to avoid bumps and ensure the safety of customers. A partition is used in the middle of the basin, which can be moved freely according to needs, and the space can be freely matched. All items can be sorted and placed, and it is very convenient for customers to purchase and organize goods. There is a beam above the fruit and vegetable shelf where price tags can be placed, allowing customers to clearly understand the selling price of the product. This fruit and vegetable rack is suitable for many places, such as large supermarkets, small supermarkets, fruit shops, vegetable areas and other places.

If you encounter any problems during the shopping process, you can contact us at any time and we will deal with it for you as soon as possible. If you encounter problems during harvesting and installation, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with professional guidance.


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