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New Middle Duty Warehouse Rack

ITEM NO. : YD-S028
SPECIFICATION: L1900*W600*H2000mm (Acceptable of required size)
Layers: 4
Main material thickness: Post 1.5mm/Beam 1.1mm/Layer board 0.5mm
Load-bearing: 300-500kg/layer

New middle-duty warehouse rack is easy to install, safe and firm, with a diamond-shaped hole structure on the column. The double-row diamond-shaped hole design is adopted, and the diamond-shaped hole is reasonably inserted into the kit on the beam, which makes the disassembly and assembly more convenient, and the safety pin can also be added to fix it for more firm insurance. Stable and reliable, safe and secure, thick welding foot design, adopting widening and thickening design, the contact area of the welding foot and the ground is large, which enhances the friction with the ground and is more stable. Column diagonal brace bolt installation, the column has diagonal brace and cross brace bolt V-shaped installation, forming a triangle pattern to increase the firmness of the column. The new medium-sized storage racks are smaller in packaging than the medium-sized storage racks and are more convenient to transport.

The new medium-sized storage shelves have the following characteristics:

1. Three-dimensional structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve warehouse capacity utilization, and expand warehouse storage capacity;

2. Goods in warehouse shelves are clear at a glance, which is convenient for counting, dividing, and measuring. Important management work;

3. Meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide range of varieties, and with mechanical handling tools, the storage and handling can also be done in an orderly manner;

4. The goods stored in the shelves do not squeeze each other , The material loss is small, it can completely guarantee the function of the material itself, and reduce the possible loss of the goods in the storage process;

5. To ensure the quality of the stored goods, measures such as moisture, dust, theft, and vandalism can be taken to improve the quality of material storage ;

6. Large bearing capacity, not easy to deform, reliable connection, easy disassembly and assembly;

7. Development to high altitude, saving land resources and reducing the land cost of enterprises.


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Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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