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Heavy-duty Warehouse Rack YD-S027

ITEM NO. : YD-S027
SPECIFICATION: L2500*W1000*H3000mm (Acceptable of required size)
Layers: 2-5
Main material thickness: Post 2.0mm/Beam 2.0mm/Layer board 0.7-1.0mm
Load-bearing: 1000-3000kg/layer

Heavy-duty racks are generally made of cold-rolled special-shaped steel, the thickness of the column is 2.0mm, the thickness of the beam is 2.0mm, and the thickness of the laminate is 0.7-1.0mm. Each layer is designed with a load of 1 ton to 3 tons, the surface is electronically sprayed, and the water-proof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion ability is stronger. The safety factor is high. The plug-in combination does not require screws and welding. The assembly is very convenient and the space area is fully utilized. Provide storage capacity. The column adopts a double-row diamond-shaped hole design, which makes disassembly and assembly more convenient, and is fixed by a safety pin, which is more solid and safe. The welding foot piece adopts widening and thickening design to increase the contact area with the ground, which is more stable and reliable, safe and secure. Heavy-duty storage racks are currently commonly used types of storage systems, which are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, warehouse supermarkets and other fields. They are widely used in high-level warehouses. Most of the shelves in automated warehouses use this type of racking.

Features of heavy-duty storage shelves:

1. The shelf height can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of different goods for shelf height, making storage more flexible

2. It can meet the requirements of goods of different weights. The storage racks can choose layers of different thicknesses, and each layer can carry 1000-3000Kg, which can meet the storage requirements of goods of different weights.

3. Storage shelves can improve the utilization rate of the cargo space and make the warehouse beautiful and tidy

4. It is one of the most common and most extensive shelves, suitable for most warehouses or product goods

5. Usually the goods are stored on the shelf after being assembled with pallets, storage cages and other equipment

6. Low cost, safe and reliable, simple and convenient to disassemble and assemble.


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Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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