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High Capacity Attic Style Rack

ITEM NO. : YD-S032
Main material thickness: Post 2.0mm/Beam2.0mm/Layer board 1.5mm

Attic shelves are supported by shelves, which can be designed as multi-storey floors (usually store 2-3 floors), equipped with stairs, handrails and cargo elevators. The floor support goods have a complete variety of specifications, and the attic floor has flat steel plates, checkered plates, steel gratings, and wood panels.

Attic shelves have the following 5 characteristics:

1. Fully assembled structure, convenient and flexible for combination, installation and disassembly.

2. The material cross section of the column, main beam and auxiliary beam is optimized, and the bearing capacity is strong.

3. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.

4. It can be flexibly designed as a two-story or multi-story building according to actual site needs. It is suitable for storing many kinds of goods and small batches of goods, making full use of space.

5. The lower layer is in the form of shelves, and the upper layer can be a platform or a shelf structure. The bottom shelf can store materials and support the floor, which is extremely flexible. The loft-type racking system is to build an intermediate loft on the existing work site or shelf to increase the storage space. It can be used as a two- or three-story loft. It is suitable for storing and storing light foam and small and medium-sized goods. Many types of small batches of goods, manual access to the goods. The goods are usually delivered to the second and third floors by forklifts, hydraulic lifting platforms or freight elevators, and then delivered to a certain location by light trolleys or hydraulic pallet trucks. It is suitable for the situation of high warehouse, small goods, manual access, and large storage volume. Attic racking systems, usually use medium-sized or heavy-duty racks as the main support plus floor panels (decide which rack to choose according to the total load weight of the rack unit). Floor panels usually use cold rolled steel floor slabs and pattern steel floor slabs Or steel grille floor. In recent years, cold-rolled steel floor slabs have been used. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, and easy locking. There are many types to choose from, and it is easy to match the lighting system. It is more convenient to take and manage. The load capacity of each layer of the unit shelf is usually within 500kg, the floor spacing is usually 2.2m~2.7m, and the height of the top shelf is generally about 2m, which fully considers the convenience of the staff.


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