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4 Benefits And Display Tips Of Supermarket Checkout Counter

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The supermarket checkout counter, as an indispensable supporting facility for supermarkets, is getting an increasingly number of attention from customers. The checkout counter is the place where customers pay for goods and the last place where customers stay before leaving the supermarket. The impression it leaves on customers will determine whether they will come back for a second visit, so it’s obviously important for any retail store.

In addition to the main purpose of cashiering, the checkout counter will play a special role in attracting customers’ attention. In fact, the cashier’s job is not just to provide customers with checkout services, and the completion of the cashier’s work does not mean that the sales behavior of the store is over, which also includes the customer service etiquette.

The checkout area can account for one tenth of the space of the convenience store, and the reasonable use of this area can greatly promote sales. In China, the proportion of sales in the checkout area of the convenience store is about 4%, while in foreign countries this proportion can reach about 15%. Therefore, reasonable exploitation of the checkout area in the convenience store will not only improve sales volumes, but also bring more revenue for retailers.

Generally speaking, the checkout area can bring four major benefits: sales revenue, advertising revenue, retail value-added revenue, and corporate image promotion.

1. Sales revenue
Customers will definitely stay at the cashier area for an average wait time of 30 to 50 seconds. So customer flow and time provide the possibility for retailers to generate better sales in this area. However, the main function of the cashier area is to collect cash, which makes this area a small space.

The goods placed in the normal display area should not be placed in the grocery checkout counter. If necessary, there should be a distinction in terms of package size, damage prevention measures, and price, etc., otherwise it will cause a waste of space.

Space utilization: Although the cashier area takes up small space, reasonable cashier planning and display shelf design, as well as the use of hanging straps and clips, can improve the utilization of space. Or suppliers should design suitable merchandise display props according to the characteristics of their own products, and consider the permeability and aesthetics of the space when utilizing the space.

Convenience of cashier: While making the best use of the space, the convenience of the cashier’s work should be taken into account.

2. Advertising revenue
Rationalize the checkout area and sell as much space as possible to suppliers or advertising companies to arrange suitable advertising campaigns, which can increase the revenue of the supermarket. Displaying suppliers’ image displays can also gain revenue.

For suppliers who wish to promote their brands, they can display their image display stands, which can have an advertising effect and sell goods at the same time.

Retailers can allow suppliers in the same category to bid on advertising or image rack displays, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, P&G and Unilever, Wrigley and Orion.

Any supplier that displays its image rack in the supermarket checkout counter has already outshone its competitors in terms of momentum.

3. Retail value-added revenue
With customer flow, everything is possible. With a little thought, there are many things you can do with customer flow to increase revenue and make it more convenient for your customers.

You can place various advertisements or posters in the cashier area for interested customers to pick up; sell telephone recharge cards or even network directly with telephone companies to directly realize real-time charging services; sell shopping cards or lottery tickets of the mall; promote goods to customers during the cashier process; help customers pay various fees such as utility bills and gas bills. In addition, the extra space can be used for leasing and offered to banks, real estate developers, and travel agencies, etc.

4. Corporate image promotion
Corporate image is the intangible asset of an enterprise. The cashier area can reflect the management level of a retail enterprise, which directly affects the corporate image. Convenience store checkout counter can play a role in enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing the negative impact of customer complaints, and promoting service concept and corporate cultures.

The benefits of a convenience store cashier area go far beyond that. As a retailer, the biggest resource you have is customer traffic, and as long as customers come to the store, there will be business. The important thing is whether the retailer can stand in the customer’s shoes and provide the necessary products and services to the customer. The rational use of the grocery checkout counter is something that every convenience store manager and administrator should consider, especially in the third generation of convenience stores, where the checkout counter has become longer and more diverse, and the introduction of fresh and cooked food is a key consideration for convenience stores.

Display tips of the checkout counter
The right products should be displayed in the checkout counter, including the back cabinet, two to three layers of small laminates before the cashier, and the side plug, etc. Suzhou Yuanda will next share some useful tips to display the following products in your checkout counter.

Products with stronger branding
In the back cabinet, you should display the products of well-known brands, or current advertising goods by taking well-known, popular and seasonal elements into account, sending a message to customers: “I’m right here, take me home.”

●Small convenience products
You must have the experience that after going to the supermarket and returning home, you will remember that you forgot to buy some small convenience products, which should be organized by store staff to meet customers’ need.

●Impulsive consumer goods
In general, food such as plums, chewing gum, candy, children’s snacks and other categories of products are easy to cause customers impulsive consumption, so they can be displayed in front of the checkout counter on several small laminates, whose height just coincide with the children, and of course, this area is not limited to children.

●Novelty products
Especially some very interesting and novel products should be displayed in the supermarket checkout counter. For example, a toy dog is sold in the store through a demonstration near the cashier, and the sound of the dog laughing caused great interest in customers ready to check out and generated some sales.

Post time: Aug-23-2022

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