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Single Sided Heavy Duty Supermarket Shelf

ITEM NO. : YD-S009
NAME: Single Sided Heavy Duty Shelf
SPECIFICATION: L1200*W600*H2400mm(Acceptable of required size)
LAYERS: 5layers
SURFACE TREATMENT: Epoxy mresin static eletricity,process 60-80um
MATERIAL: High quality CRS
CAPACITY PER LAYER: 80-150kg/layer
CAPACITY OF TOP: 1000-3000kg/layer

This shelf adopts cold-rolled steel technology. The cold-rolled steel has higher strength, lower yield limit, good deep-drawing performance, surface spray process, not easy to rust, durable, and the overall size of the shelf is neat and smooth. , The color is eye-catching. The shelf is easy and portable to install. The support arm is directly connected to the column during installation. The double-row hole design is safe and stable, and the installation and disassembly are very convenient. The bottom feet are made of high-quality materials, and the bottom is equipped with adjusting feet, free adjustment is more humane, and there is no need to worry about uneven ground. The shelf has good corrosion resistance and high safety performance. The shelf is made of a special structure and has a stronger bearing capacity than ordinary shelves. A storage space is set up above to store goods. This supermarket shelf is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small supermarkets. It has strong carrying capacity and large capacity, and can be well placed for goods. It can be customized according to usage and customer needs. The colors of the shelves are also varied, so that customers can freely customize them. The height between the layers can also be adjusted, and the height of the layers can be adjusted according to the size of the goods placed.

About it

1.All the grocery rack shall be anti-rust.

2.Powder coated in different colors for different parts shines the appearance of the rack.

3.The surface with electrostatic spray for the purpose of protection against electric shock.

4.The material of cold-rolled steel is extensible for kinds of new shapes.

5.Steel boards among the racks could be optional.

6.There is adjustable for the level height for the board.

7. Maximizes space use in any supermarket configuration while retaining optimum product accessibility.

8.Custom made of shelves to be well applied in real places.

9.Reasonable design concept to upgrade the efficiency of storage management.


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