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Good News! Suzhou Yuanda completed the rack installation of the logistics warehouse

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Huacheng Logistics is one of the largest logistics companies in Jiangsu. Our company is honored to cooperate with them and provide them with warehouse rack and installation services.Provide one-stop service from design to installation. The installation site is well organized, and the installation master is very professional. It has won unanimous praise from buyers and hopes to continue cooperating with our company.

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The logistics park covers the logistics center, distribution center, transportation preparation and information management departments. Among them, large-area and regular use of steel three-dimensional shelves is a must in the logistics and distribution links. Warehouses in logistics centers generally have the characteristics of being tall and specialized in storage, and the use of shelves also needs to meet these characteristics. For logistics centers in logistics parks and other places, what types of shelves are commonly used in purchasing warehouses? Among the rack types, heavy-duty racks, high beam racks, shuttle racks, through-type racks and other rack types have become the choices in logistics warehouses in the logistics park. The beam rack is called a heavy-duty rack because it is forged from high-quality cold-rolled steel, and its own heavy-duty capacity is relatively large. Its load-bearing capacity can generally be more than 1 ton, so beam-type heavy-duty racks are widely used in industrial manufacturing and professional logistics storage warehouses. In the logistics center warehouse, beam-type racks are generally grouped as a unit, and each group is designed with 2 to 3 pallet positions on each floor. Generally, for the convenience of use, the two sets of shelves are connected by connecting rods, and there is enough width for forklifts or personnel to walk between each row of shelves. Conventional heavy-duty shelves have 3 to 4 layers, which can meet general storage needs.

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In the warehouse of a large logistics center, due to the high and large area of the warehouse, high racks can be designed and used. The static load high shelf is generally 5 meters and above. In fact, many large logistics warehouses have shelves of 10 meters and above. In this way, the three-dimensional space of the warehouse can be used as much as possible, so that the warehouse's loading capacity and cargo turnover capacity are greatly enhanced. Of course, the higher the shelf, the higher the requirements for itself. For example, the carrying capacity of the design must be strictly implemented; the operation of personnel and other storage machinery needs to be more standardized.

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