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Cosmetics Display Shelf-B Supermarket shelf

NAME: Cosmetics display shelf-B
SPECIFICATION: L800*W400*H1500mm
L1000*W800*H1500mm (Acceptable of required size)
Layers: 4
Surface treatment: Epoxy mresin static electricity,process 60-80um
Material: High quality GRS
Capacity per layer: 80-150kg/layer

Shelf characteristics:

This cosmetic rack is a common style in beauty shops. It has the same place as YD-S004A, the two models use the same back panel design. This is a double-sided shelf with larger display space and beautiful appearance. The material of the laminate is glass, and it is made of high-quality explosion-proof materials, so the quality is guaranteed. The glass material is easier to clean. The punching back panel is beautiful and generous, which is more conducive to the display of goods. There are light boxes around, which can be matched with different styles of billboards or light boxes (customizable).Customers can customize the color according to their own needs. There is a light bar under the laminate, and the light shines on the glass laminate, making it easier to display cosmetics. Can control the switch. The regular size of this cosmetic shelf is L800*W400*H1500mm /L1000*W800*H1500mm. The shelf height is just right. The number of layers is 4 layers, and the single layer has a load-bearing capacity of 80-150kg. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic, and the thickness is 60-80um. Simple style, clean lines, every part is just right. It is suitable for cosmetics stores, maternal and child stores, supermarket beauty areas, etc.

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