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Company and Industry Updates about Supermarket Shelf

  • New Supermarket Shelf Revolutionizes Shopping Experience


    Title: New Supermarket Shelf Revolutionizes Shopping ExperienceIn a bid to enhance the shopping experience for customers, a leading supermarket chain has unveiled a groundbreaking new shelf design that promises to revolutionize the way we shop. The innovative supermarket shelf, aptly named "SmartShe Read More

  • Advantages and disadvantages of medium-sized butterfly hole shelves


    As a type of medium-sized shelves, the medium-sized butterfly hole shelf has the widest range of use among them. Compared with other medium-sized shelves, the medium-sized medium hole shelves have obvious advantages and disadvantages.1、 Advantages of medium-sized butterfly hole shelvesIts biggest ad Read More

  • Placement of supermarket shelves


    Shelves refer to various appliances such as cabinets, shelves, cabinets, boxes, etc. that display and place goods intended for sale in the store's business hall. In recent years, in order to adapt to the new situation and improve their competitiveness, stores in various regions have made universal a Read More

  • Design method of shopping mall shelves


    Mall shelves refer to various items such as cabinets, shelves, cabinets, and boxes that display and place goods intended for sale in the store's business hall. In recent years, stores in various regions have made efforts to adjust the display effect of the business hall in order to adapt to the new Read More

  • Shelf Function


    Shelf Function 1. The concept of shelves. Generally speaking, shelves refer to shelves for storing goods. In warehouse equipment, shelves refer to storage equipment specifically designed for storing individual items. Shelves play a very important role in logistics and warehouses. With the rapid dev Read More

  • What are the components of the shelf


    Being able to clearly break down the shelves into several major parts, we generally refer to storage shelves. If it is a display shelf, due to its wide variety and diverse structure, various exhibition shelves are very different from each other and cannot be classified. In terms of storage shelves, Read More

  • Application of storage cages


    Warehouse cages, also known as warehouse cages, are widely used in warehousing and logistics processes due to their high load-bearing capacity and strong plasticity.The structural characteristics of the storage cage:1. The multi-point welding structure ensures that the storage cage is sturdy and dur Read More

  • Start loading after the installation of the five story heavy-duty shelves is completed


    When it comes to the number of shelves, it is often easy to misunderstand with customers. As for heavy-duty shelves, most designs place the bottom layer directly on the ground without the need for crossbeams, so the actual number of crossbeams is one less layer than the number of heavy-duty shelves. Read More

  • New shelves in large supermarkets


    More and more supermarkets, especially some emerging large chain supermarkets or stores, are no longer limited to old supermarket shelf styles in order to quickly seize the market and attract people's attention. Instead, they are using new or customized goods. Read More

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