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Yuanda storage racks are packed and shipped

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December 6th was a very busy day for the freight department of Suzhou Yuanda Factory. In addition to packing and shipping some regular orders, it also carried out tight packing and shipping of storage shelf orders from foreign customers. The staff carefully counted all the shelves in the morning and communicated with customers to ensure that they were correct. During the communication, the customer expressed full trust and affirmation to the Yuanda factory. According to the arrangement of the staff, during the morning, the cabinets of the columns and beams of the shelves were mainly completed, and in the afternoon, the cabinets of the remaining shelves were completed, mainly including laminates, feet, diagonal braces, screws and other accessories. The staff of Suzhou Yuanda were very efficient. They completed the loading of the shelves in a short period of time. Customers also recognized our speed very much.

This year, Broad Shelves has increased the development of overseas markets, traded more new customers, established good cooperative relations with many countries, and exported more and more product categories. Broad Shelves will continue to adhere to a win-win business as always. Philosophy, establish good cooperative relations with more and wider customers.

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