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Yuanda Shelves is committed to protecting the environment and pollution-free production.

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The traditional shelf industry, especially the part of the storage shelf, essentially speaking, its raw materials are mainly steel. After rolling, welding, pickling, phosphating, and spraying, they will eventually become shelf components, and after assembly, they will become finished shelves. . In this process, the surface treatment process is closely related to environmental protection, that is, the three major links of pickling, phosphating, and spraying. Pickling and phosphating is to use acidic substances to wash away the stains and oxide layers on the shelf surface, and make the surface microscopically non-planar, so as to facilitate the adhesion of the plastic spray. The acidic substance, if it is not handled properly, will become one of the pollution sources.

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Therefore, in response to the requirements of environmental protection, this link must abolish the pickling link and replace it with a new process. The shot peening process is an alternative method. It uses high pressure to spray steel shots on the surface of the profile, and clean the surface attachments by friction. It can be recycled and effectively protects the environment. Currently, the surface treatment method of Yuanda shelf adopts this method. In the spraying process, there are two aspects that have an impact on the environment. One is the dust of plastic powder, and the other is the emission of solidified fuel after combustion. The dust problem has been basically solved after most shelf manufacturers have adopted assembly lines instead of manual operations. Its airtightness is good, which effectively prevents dust from overflowing. For equipment that cannot solve the dust problem, the environmental protection department requires mandatory replacement. The fuel in the solidification process of plastic powders used to burn wood chips in the past. This method has a low cost, but it causes a large amount of smoke emission, which has a greater impact on the environment. Now solidification requires the use of diesel as fuel or electricity as a heating source. Diesel emissions have a much smaller impact on the environment than emissions from wood burning. Electric heating is more effective in protecting the environment, but the current effect of electric heating

The performance is not high, the equipment cost is also high, and the popularity is low. At the 2021 industry conference, Yuanda emphasized in his speech that environmental protection is a corporate social responsibility. We are obliged to voluntarily abide by relevant environmental laws and regulations, effectively upgrade equipment, strengthen industry self-discipline, and avoid fair competition.

Post time: May-26-2021

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