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Wood Grain Technology Supermarket Shelves

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In the exhibition stand, steel shelves are sturdy and durable, while conventional steel shelves have lower costs. Wooden shelves have strong predictability, high grade, and good texture. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so most of our ambitious boutique exhibition stands use a steel wood mixed structure, which is favored by a large number of boutique supermarket customers. However, due to their multiple manufacturing procedures and high requirements, the cost is not high, and ordinary supermarkets may not be very suitable. So we have developed a wood grain transfer printing supermarket shelf, which is based on ordinary supermarket shelves and replaces the conventional spray molding process with wood grain transfer printing process to achieve the texture of wood on metal materials. The basic style of wood grain transfer printing supermarket shelves is no different from ordinary supermarket shelves. The only difference between them is the surface treatment technology. It can be said that all metal shelves can use wood grain transfer printing technology. Compared with ordinary spray molding, wood grain transfer printing can be made


The cost is slightly higher, so currently more applications are in the field of exhibition stands. According to current market habits, periodic renovations are necessary for all stores. So in general shopping malls, it is mandatory to require periodic renovation of stores. In principle, supermarkets are no exception. Newly opened old stores can bring more surprises to customers and provide them with better psychological experiences and hints. After several years of development, our wood grain transfer printing technology has become very true. Combined with our strong strength in the field of boutique exhibition shelves, our supermarket shelves also have a high cost-effectiveness advantage.

Attached are our latest wooden grain supermarket shelves.

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Post time: May-06-2023

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