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What is the use of a flat trolley?

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The flat trolley is a small handling vehicle that is mainly driven by human power and is generally used to transport goods horizontally on the road without power. The load capacity of a trolley is generally below 500 kg. It is characterized by its lightness, flexibility, ease of operation, and small turning radius. It is a convenient and economical means of transport for transporting smaller and lighter items over short distances and is widely used in various applications.

Flat trolleys are designed to be light and easy to carry. They are widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, logistics, shopping malls, freight stations, and short-distance transport during distribution. However, this kind of warehouse equipment does not load resistant (generally limited to less than 500kg) and most have no lifting capacity.

The handrails are either folded or fixed. The handrails are tightly connected to the trolley board, light to push and pull, and quick to start. The handrails can be designed as single or double handrails according to the actual working requirements. The floor is designed with a flat panel for easy loading and unloading of goods. It can also be designed with folded edges according to work requirements. It can be used to place small items and prevent them from slipping off during transport.

The flat silent trolley castors are made of polyurethane and are wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, and have a high load-bearing capacity. The wheels are silent when pushed, away from noise pollution. Wire rod or base plate type galvanized wheel frame, two universal, two universal with brake castors, easy to push and pull, quick braking.

Due to the different types, nature, weight, shape, and road conditions of the goods to be transported, there are various forms of construction of flat trolleys. The kind of trolleys is four-wheeled vehicles with hand-pushed handrails. Depending on the handle, they can be divided into single-handle, double-handle, handle with stopper, fixed-handle type, and folding-handle type. Depending on the number of layers, they can be divided into single, double, and triple layers. According to the different bottoms of the cart, it can be divided into the flat bottom type and skeleton bottom type. The choice of stainless steel flat trolley should be based on the shape and nature of the goods.


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