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Suzhou Yuanda Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. Has Good Luck in Construction!

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  Suzhou Yuanda is a shelf factory with a history of 33 years. Provide one-stop procurement services, specializing in the production of supermarket shelves, storage shelves, supermarket trolleys, fruit and vegetable racks, supermarket shopping baskets, etc. February 2 is the twelfth day of the Chinese lunar calendar. Suzhou Yuanda Factory officially started after the Chinese New Year.

  The atmosphere at the construction site is very lively. According to Chinese customs, we set off fireworks and firecrackers, which means a beautiful tomorrow, but also means to dispel the haze of the past and welcome the new year. According to the custom, a red envelope was issued to start the construction, which means that the business is booming. Thank you for choosing Suzhou Yuanda, and welcome new customers to inquire from us. We will provide the best service and products.

Post time: Feb-07-2023

Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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