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Precautions for supermarket shopping trolley

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In addition to using our own folding shopping carts, we can also use the shopping carts prepared by the supermarket. Due to the high frequency of use of supermarket shopping carts, quality problems such as tilting of the body and loose wheels will inevitably occur over time. Therefore, if there is an irregular use, accidents are prone to occur, especially for the safety of children, remember not to let your baby stand in the shopping cart, it is really dangerous. In addition to consumers’ own safety awareness and awareness of usage standards, shopping trolley manufacturers should also check the shopping carts to avoid damage to consumers due to quality damage.

Precautions for the use of supermarket shopping carts:

1. The designated storage location is clearly marked, and the marketing department posted a notice “Welcome to use shopping carts and the correct use of trolleys”.

2. Shopping carts cannot be stored up and down the elevator entrance, and must be cleaned up in time. The storage of the shopping cart must not affect the fire passage and fire-fighting facilities.

3. Transport shopping carts from outside the store to the designated storage place. No more than 10 cables should be used for cleaning (appropriately reduced according to the actual situation of the store). During the escalator delivery, cleaning will be taken care of by a dedicated person to keep a certain distance from customers.

4. Before closing the store at the end of each day, the store should be on duty and damage prevention to check that all shopping carts have been cleaned and recycled and stored in the designated storage place at the entrance of the customer. During the business period, there are no more than 5 unrecycled shopping vehicles in the periphery, and no more than 10 vehicles on weekends and holidays.

The above are some inspections of the equipment that the supermarket should do every day. I hope everyone can use these equipment in a civilized manner. We are a shopping cart manufacturer. If you need a wholesale shopping cart, shopping trolley, foldable shopping cart, etc., you can contact us.

Post time: Dec-17-2021

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