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Items suitable for display by the supermarket checkout counter

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1. It is suitable for placing new products of this month (must have a certain scale of advertising light boxes or acrylic stand-up publicity), redemption products (to increase the area, highlight the cost-effective and golden selling points), gifts or membership gifts in exchange for points, etc. Because the cashier is semi-closed relative to the back cabinet, the visual impact of product advertising and layout is very important, and the golden selling point must be closely followed.

2. Appropriate placement of current seasonal products and newly introduced personal care products (which belong to multi-point display, such products are still required in the category area and new brand counters), but should not be too complicated, and it is not suitable for placement that takes a long time to introduce The product.

3. It is suitable for the promotion of in-store membership rights, new product information, product associations, women’s health and other content. Simply making a manufacturer’s advertisement without a clear selling point will be slightly monotonous. The advertising space should be able to change the content at any time.


Post time: Mar-18-2022

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