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How to strengthen the stability of supermarket shelves

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With the continuous development and progress of the times, people not only have higher requirements for consumer goods, but also know how to enjoy life and pay more attention to brand image and other aspects. Therefore, the quality of the design and craftsmanship of supermarket shelves will directly affect the sales and brand image of goods. In recent years, supermarket shelves have made great progress in design, craftsmanship and production.

1. Structurally:

Generally, supermarket shelves connected in one row (main and sub-rack connection) have the best stability, followed by double-sided shelves will be more stable, and a single single-sided shelf placed there will be less stable.

2. How to put goods on the shelf

The placement method of the upper light and the lower heavy will be more stable; do not put the upper heavy and the lower light, as it will easily make the shelf toppling.


Post time: Mar-26-2022

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