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How to lay out a supermarket checkout counter

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A good layout of a checkout counter not only boosts the customer's goodwill towards the supermarket, but also increases the staff's enthusiasm for their work. A good layout can also stimulate customer spending and increase the company's profitability. So, how can the layout of the cashier's desk enhance the supermarket?

1.The supermarket checkout counter position

1) According to customer placement. The cashier desk is generally set up in the area near the entrance of the shop, the channel area is more spacious and has better sight lines. This is in order to have a warning role in the doorway area, on the other hand, so that customers can see the location of the cashier at a glance to facilitate shopping for a single.

2) Placement according to staff. Many people think that the checkout counter service is mainly for customers, in fact, also ignored a point, that is, also to facilitate the cashier. Staff needs to stay at the till for long periods of time and if the space is too small it may not be convenient for them to move around. Therefore, the placement of the cashier's desk also needs to take into account the factors of the staff, to avoid causing unhappy employees to work and thus leading to greater staff turnover.

3) However, there are also cases where the cashier's desk is placed more to the inside of the convenience store. The specific design depends on the type of room and the needs of the business. There are certain rules, but they are not set in stone!

2. The service provided by the supermarket checkout counter

1) Set up shelves, you can put some high-profit birth control supplies and some candy, paper towels, and small toys. These kinds of non-essential items that can be bought or not generally easy to induce the audience to make impulsive consumption. The counter, front, back, and surrounding areas of the cashier can all be designed. Take advantage of the waiting time at the supermarket checkout counter to increase the opportunity to display products and promote final consumption. For example, equip a coffee machine and use the aroma of coffee to stimulate customers' desire to buy. Or display or hang some thinly-veiled items such as tissue paper and chewing gum.

2) Put up the latest promotional flyers. Equip the cashier area with LED billboards listing discounted products to stimulate customer demand.
Of course, the supermarket checkout counter and the whole shop layout are one and the same. You can't cut off the mutual matching of the checkout counter and the shop layout, categories, and movement lines, otherwise, it still doesn't make people feel very comfortable! Good design will also make a good convenience store!



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