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How should supermarket shelves be placed?

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The aisle of a supermarket is the route for customers to walk and shop in the shop. Its good or bad design is related to whether customers can achieve shopping smoothly, thus affecting the economic benefits of the supermarket. The study of human behavioural habits and behavioural patterns in ergonomics provides a theoretical basis for the design of aisles. The distance between the aisles in the supermarket shelves should ensure that customers carrying shopping baskets or pushing shopping trolleys can walk side by side with fellow customers or pass by smoothly. So how much of the store shelf placement distance is appropriate?

1.One-way aisle design

That is, so that the customer shopping process as far as possible in accordance with the supermarket shelf arrangement, the goods will not repeat, customers do not go back to the design of the way to display. The end of the customer flow line should be the cashier, so that not only can provide convenience for the customer's final payment, do not take a detour, but also to stimulate customers to walk a circle before leaving the supermarket.

2.Avoiding dead ends

Dead corners are areas where customers cannot easily reach or cannot lead to other places and can only stop and return. Dead corners make it impossible for customers to see the goods on display, or make them walk more than necessary. This often causes customers to stop and thus make the area of the store unproductive. Therefore, attention should be paid to the design to avoid the appearance of dead ends.

3. There is an appropriate width of the channel

The appropriate width of the aisle is not only convenient for customers to find the corresponding bit of goods, but also to facilitate careful selection, and also help to create a kind of relaxed and comfortable shopping atmosphere. For large and medium-sized supermarkets, the width of the main aisle should be more than 2m, the secondary aisle 1.2~1.5m, and the smallest aisle should not be less than 90cm and should allow 2 people to pass in parallel or in the opposite direction.

Supermarket shelf spacing is also a requirement. Not blindly crowded together with each other, or to ensure the passage of pedestrians and shopping trolleys only, can not affect the normal shopping of customers.



Post time: Dec-02-2022

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