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Congratulations to Suzhou Yuanda Shelf for obtaining the CE certificate of the checkout counter

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Yuanda has formed a group operation mode with Suzhou as its production base, international, regional and municipal general distribution, and chain branch sales systems. High-quality products are the foundation of the company's survival, and the constant pursuit of excellence is the company's belief. This time, with the joint efforts of CMK certification powers, it has successfully passed the CE certification of the cashier and obtained the certificate. This not only proves the super high level of shelf manufacturing of the enterprise, but also directly reflects the strict management requirements. I believe that with this certificate, Suzhou Yuanda will open up a broader international market.

As an essential supporting facility for shopping malls and supermarkets, the cash register has been paid more and more attention by customers. The cashier, commonly known as the payment desk, is the place where customers pay and trade, and also the place where customers last stay in the store. The impression left by customers here determines whether customers will visit for the second time. For any retail store, the importance is self-evident. In addition to the main purpose of cash register, the cash register will play a special role while attracting customers' attention.

In fact, the cashier operation is not only to provide customers with checkout service, and the completion of the cashier's collection does not mean the end of the sales behavior of the store, which also includes the etiquette attitude towards customers. At the same time, the cashier has the following advantages: First, improve the image of shopping malls and supermarkets, and improve the level of shopping places; 2.It is convenient for customers to put shopping items on it to reduce the burden of shopping; 3.Improve the circulation rate of goods, speed up the checkout time of customers, and avoid customers giving up shopping due to long delay; 4.Compact structure, small floor area, saving space in shopping malls and supermarkets.

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Post time: Mar-07-2023

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