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Classification of Middle-duty Warehouse Rack

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Light storage shelf: It is mainly composed of columns, beams and laminates. Its main features are no bolt connection, easy assembly and disassembly (assembly/disassembly at will). The surface is subject to acid cleaning, phosphating electrostatic plastic powder spraying, and 180 ° high temperature curing treatment to make it effectively bonded with cold rolled steel. It is corrosion resistant, durable, beautiful and light, and has anti-static function. It is widely applicable to storage and warehouse requirements with low load bearing requirements.

Medium-sized storage shelves: unique butterfly hole design, plug-in combination, without welding and screws, can arbitrarily adjust the layer spacing, head and tail unlimited connection, strong bearing capacity, effective use of space, widely used in enterprise warehouses and warehouses. According to the needs, iron sealing plate or mesh with external door opening and other forms can be selected around the shelf, such as assembly line work table, bed, etc. The standard size is evenly loaded 200-500KG/layer.

Medium shelves can be arranged freely in the form of main and auxiliary shelves; The loft shelf can be built by using the stability of the medium storage shelf; It is suitable for manual access, or supporting with parts box and turnover box to load scattered heavy goods.

Suzhou Yuanda Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of storage shelves. The production of storage shelves needs to go through a series of technological processes, from material selection, material preparation, production to packaging. The production process can be mainly divided into five aspects, namely, rolling, positioning and punching, bending, welding and grinding, and surface treatment.
1. Rolling
There are many kinds of rolling mills. Its main function is to roll the steel strip with a certain width into the desired shape with a certain length of the same section, such as rack column, rack beam, etc. This is also a very important step in shelf production.

2.Positioning and punching
According to the actual needs, punch the materials formed by rolling into the required holes where necessary, such as butterfly holes for light shelves, rhombus holes for heavy shelves, and round holes on diagonal braces. The positioning of punching should be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings, so as to ensure the consistency and effective combination of the entire shelf project.

3. Bending (steel plate)
If the shelf is equipped with steel plates, it is necessary to bend the steel plates in order to effectively fix the steel plates on the beam and enhance the bearing capacity of the steel plates.

4. Welding and grinding
For the processed parts, the parts that need to be welded together shall be welded, such as the column and foot piece of the shelf, the beam and the grab. This requires welding according to relevant national standards to ensure welding strength and tolerance. After welding, the welding spot shall be polished to enhance the appearance of the shelf and improve the use safety of the shelf.

5. Surface treatment
The surface treatment of the shelf includes acid pickling and phosphating, electrostatic spraying, constant temperature curing, etc., and electrostatic powder spraying technology.

6.Finished product packaging

7.After the completion of shelf production, the finished products are packaged and transported to the warehouse for storage, or directly arranged for shipment. Broad storage shelves are well received by customers.


Post time: Feb-16-2023

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