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Application of medium storage shelves

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Medium-sized shelves are widely used in warehouses in various industries, and are generally operated manually. In this case, a large-scale warehouse is used, all of which use the same specification of medium-sized shelves, with a number of thousands of groups. At the same time, we also discussed and determined the overall operation plan of the warehouse with customers based on customer requirements, and designed a tally area, effectively ensuring the orderly operation of the warehouse.

The design layer of medium-sized shelves is taught to be five layers, and the top layer is for the installation of plates, which are not flush with the end of the column. Therefore, in subsequent use, if the number of layers is insufficient, space is reserved for increasing the number of layers. Of course, due to manual operations, it is not convenient to access high-level goods. When placing goods, it is necessary to place infrequently used goods on the top layer to improve the efficiency of warehousing operations.

In addition to the outermost shelves against the wall, we have designed two rows of shelves to be placed next to each other, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of the library. Sometimes, in order to save costs, three-column shelves can be used instead of double-row shelves. However, double-row shelves are more flexible and adaptable in spatial planning, making it easier to plan when the warehouse is moved or the way the shelves are placed.

Suzhou Yuanda Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of storage shelves. We have two popular medium-sized storage shelves, one is a new medium-sized storage shelf, with the specification of L1900 * W600 * H2000mm, Psot is 1.5mm, beam is 1.1mm, and layer board is 0.5mm. The size can be customized according to your needs.

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