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metallic convenient store supermarket shelf


The Market for Shelves in Township Supermarkets

With the rapid development of the economy, cities are constantly expanding, and commerce is beginning to develop in rural areas and suburbs along the city's borders! Supermarket shelves will usher in a new market, with a market share that was originally saturated in cities, which can be further expanded in rural and suburban areas. Supermarket shelves, with their simple structure, convenient disassembly, and affordable prices, are the preferred commodity shelves for small and medium-sized supermarkets! With the development of commerce and the economic level of rural areas, there will be some shops with lower prices such as 2-yuan stores, 5-yuan stores, Shiduo stores, convenience stores, etc., which will become the main customers of supermarket shelves! In addition, in vast rural areas, previously self-sufficient and small retail sales will be replaced by standardized and specialized modern comprehensive shopping centers - supermarkets! The newly developed rural supermarkets will have great potential for development. The variety of goods in the supermarket requires a professional sorting and placement, which is another new market for the supermarket shelf industry!

To fully utilize the functions of supermarket shelves, not only can it bring benefits to the supermarket, but also make the space more reasonable. Details determine success or failure. When using and caring for supermarket shelves, the main basis is based on the following three points:

In the use of supermarket shelves, cleanliness is fundamental. Only supermarket shelves with a clean and tidy appearance can attract consumers. While ensuring cleanliness and tidiness, supermarket shelf users should also regularly inspect supermarket shelves to ensure their normal use.

In general, the average human visual acuity ranges from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, with a visual width range of 1.5m to 2m. When shopping on foot in a store, the visual angle is 60 degrees, with a visual range of 1m. Therefore, businesses should combine the visual habits of consumers and ensure the product display surface when using supermarket shelves to increase the purchase probability.

3. A typical supermarket shelf has a total of 5 layers, with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th shelves being the best-selling from top to bottom. Especially, the 3rd layer is parallel to the consumer's line of sight and is easily accessible, making it the most convenient for consumers to choose and also the best-selling shelf.

Reasonable use and care of supermarket shelves can not only extend the lifespan of supermarket shelves, but also bring more benefits and make the space more reasonable.


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Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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