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European style trolley

European style trolley

Short Description:

1.ITEM NO. : YD-B-60L/YD-B-80L/YD-B-110L/YD-B-130L/YD-B-150L

2.NAME60L/80L/110L/130L/150L European Style Trolley

3.SPECIFICATION:760*460*930mm/840*525*960mm/840*550*975mm/1000*585*1020mm/1000*585*1020mm(Acceptable of required size)


5.Finish/Coating : Zinc Plated

6.Volume: 60L/80/110L/130L/150L

7.Style: Folding

8.Usage: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Store

9.Wheel: 4”- 5” PVC Wheels( can be changed)

10.Color: Customized Colors

11.Logo: Customized(Customer’s logo can be printed)

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Shopping trolley characteristics:

This European style trolley adopts plastic armrest tube, which is comfortable in hand and comfortable to push and pull. The safety connection port acts as a buffer to prevent the basket from separating. The children's seat board can provide a certain cushion, and the seat is spacious, suitable for children of about 15kg. The anti-collision block plays a role of buffer protection. In order to ensure the quality of products, we cooperate with the Quality Supervision Bureau to regularly test our products in accordance with international standards, including load-bearing test, salt spray test, UV resistance test, and caster wear test. At present, we have an annual output of 150,000 trolleys of various types, more than 80% of which are exclusively for export. The EU model shopping cart is what we often call the "herringbone" shopping cart or European shopping cart. The lower half is made of flat steel pipes. The structure is simple and stylish. There is a lot of space on the feet when using it. It is not easy to knock your feet and has good operability. , Occupies a very important position in the supermarket shopping cart. Common sizes are 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L, 180L, 210L, 240L and many other sizes. Large quantities can also be customized.The EU series uses a stylish open base of oval tube-shaped material to provide extra legroom. With a comfortable handle height, the EU series can be easily pushed and loaded and unloaded.

Our Technology1.High quality products by our super cutting-edge technology dedicate tomodern market.

2.Strictly control in inspection.Strictly control in raw material.Strictly control in production process.

3.Quality assurance system is divided into every single detail, with control being performed all the way.

4.Raw materials for all products are of good quality and advanced performance, and those for main parts must pass quality inspection.

5.Strict inspection on product quality is throughout the whole process,with each process step requiring self-check and every two sequential process steps requiring mutual-check,to achieve an overall control on new products.


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