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dual screen commercial retail cash drawer


Introducing our professional-grade cash drawer, an essential hardware component in any financial point-of-sale system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with cash registers, receipt printers, or computers through a driver box, this versatile product can be used as a standalone unit or as a separate module.

With its primary function being the temporary storage of cash, our cash drawer features multiple compartments to neatly organize various denominations of bills and coins. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, even in high-volume transaction environments.

Our cash drawer is equipped with advanced security features, including a lock mechanism to safeguard your cash and a removable till for easy cash management. The smooth gliding mechanism ensures effortless opening and closing, enhancing efficiency during busy hours.

Designed with the professional in mind, our cash drawer seamlessly integrates into your existing point-of-sale system, providing a secure and organized solution for cash handling. Trust in our high-quality cash drawer to streamline your cash management process and enhance the professionalism of your business.

In terms of locks, the money box is generally divided into two locks and three locks. A two lock refers to a lock with two levels. One level can lock the money box tightly, and the other level can be opened by pulse or manually. A two lock money box cannot be opened with a key, and usually a manual money box uses a two lock; A three stage lock has three levels, two of which are the same as the two levels in the two stage lock. The extra level is when the key is turned to this level to open the money box. Electronic money boxes usually use a three stage lock.

In terms of structure, the money box is divided into two and three layers. Economic money boxes are basically two layer boxes, with an external metal structure and an integrated plastic part (called insert in English for storing paper currency and coins, etc.) inside. The three layer structure usually refers to medium and heavy money boxes, with an external metal structure and an internal iron tray and plastic tray (called cash tray in English for storing paper currency and coins, etc.). Ps: The insert is not easy to remove, and the cash tray is convenient to take out and bring back to the accounting room after work, usually used in conjunction with the tray cover.

In terms of size, the minimum size of the current cash box is 200mm wide, and the maximum size generally does not exceed 460mm wide. The popular economic two layer cash box in China is usually around 400mm wide


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