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double sided durable store supermarket shelf


There are various types of supermarket shelves, which can be mainly divided into the following categories based on the size of the supermarket (store):

1、 Large supermarket shelves (also known as hypermarket shelves).

The display of goods in supermarkets is abundant, so the requirements for shelf load-bearing are higher. Its main customers are customers from national hypermarkets.

2、 Standard supermarket shelves (also known as medium-sized supermarket shelves

Standard supermarket shelves are designed specifically for standard supermarkets, with the biggest feature being lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. They do not have the complex accessory types of supermarket shelves, and their display methods have also been adjusted accordingly, emphasizing more on the display effect and humanized display of products. Its main customers are local chain medium-sized supermarkets.

3、 Convenience store shelves

Convenience store shelves are suitable for convenience stores and cosmetic stores, adopting a tool free installation concept and easy installation. The biggest characteristic of shelves is their delicacy, lightness, aesthetics, and strong specialization. Its main customers include 7-11, Dehui, etc.


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Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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