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Which shelf is more suitable for life supermarkets?

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As a gathering place for people, the community is a very suitable place to open a life supermarket, because it has a very wide flow of people. So how do you choose the shelves to open a life supermarket?

1. How to choose the size of the shelf in the urban life supermarket?
The area of the community life supermarket is generally not very large. When choosing the size of the shelf, you don’t need to buy too high or too long, otherwise it will only over-compress the space in the store and cause congestion.

 In terms of the height of the shelf, it is best to control the single-sided shelf at about 1.8~2.2 meters, and the double-sided shelf at about 1.5~1.8 meters, which can effectively use the store space without obstructing the sight of customers and affecting customers’ access. Pick. In addition, in terms of shelf length, a single set of shelves should not exceed 2 meters, otherwise the number of channels will be small, which is not conducive to guiding customer consumption.

2. Which kind of shelf material is better to buy in urban supermarkets?
For urban supermarkets, steel shelves are more suitable. The style of the steel shelf is simple and generous, and its load-bearing performance is excellent. It not only has a long service life, but also has a high cost performance. Relative to the general quality of iron shelves and the high price of steel and wood shelves, it is the best.

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