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What do you know about the placement of fruit and vegetable shelves in supermarkets?

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Fruit and vegetable shelves are a very important part of supermarket shelves. The use of fruit and vegetable shelves to display products can efficiently use the limited business space, make customers clear at a glance, and transmit product information to customers for users to choose, which greatly improves the buying experience. It is required that we must have some precautions when using it, so that customers can see it at a glance, thereby improving its use efficiency, so what are the display skills of supermarket fruit and vegetable shelves?

1. The quality of the product must be guaranteed. If the product exceeds the shelf life, it cannot be placed. In addition, the display must present a certain sense of beauty, which can create a lively and vivid atmosphere to increase the customer’s attention and increase the desire to buy.

2. Vegetables and fruits are sorted and displayed according to fresh, rich and other types. This will show the beauty and comfort of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, they must be clean and hygienic. Display according to the types of vegetables and fruits, which can improve the user experience. User convenience can greatly promote sales.

3. The placement must be stable, not easy to fall, and reduce loss. If the product falls, it will reduce the customer’s desire to buy and reduce sales.

4. In order to ensure the freshness of the goods, the principle of first-in first-out is adopted, and the goods must be handled with care when placing the goods. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the fruit and vegetable shelves, the goods will not be damaged.

5. The display of vegetable products is cheap and profitable, but customers need it very much. Vegetable products must be handled by special personnel to maintain the freshness of the leaves; in addition, the method of expanding the amount or combining classification and packaging with bulk packaging should be used. .

Fruit and vegetable supermarkets have a wide variety of goods, so certain rules must be followed in the placement of goods. The same products are stacked together and the brands are distinguished, so that customers can choose their favorite products.

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