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What details should be paid attention to in the use of wooden shelves

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1. The wooden shelves should not be placed too low or too high, and the height of the wooden shelves should be used properly, which can increase the sense of patchwork in the store. Wooden shelf display is the most expressive way of displaying products. Wooden shelves are too low and customers can only see the bottle caps of the products. Wooden shelves are too high and it is inconvenient for customers to pick up the goods. Most of the customers are tall. Between 1.5 meters and 1.7 meters, when a customer pushes a shopping cart and bends down slightly, the height of the line of sight is generally about 1.3 meters to 1.5 meters.

2. Since the area of the shopping mall is very limited and precious, each wooden shelf occupies a relatively large area. For the shopping mall, it is necessary to create the largest possible benefit in this area for customers. , The wooden shelf products provide customers with a strong message, so it is very important to choose the wooden shelf correctly.

wooden shelf


3. The torn bag must be neatly placed in the box and placed under the shelf neatly. The fruit package with packaging or net bag is damaged, and it can be placed in a temporary turnover basket. It can be stored in a basket and cleaned up in time. Special fruits and defective fruits are not allowed to be stored under the shelves. Temporary storage cartons, empty baskets and other items must be clean and neatly placed.


4. Two layers of uniform black soft cushions are required under the store products to avoid excessive bumps, pressures, and injuries. The cushions are free from damage, loopholes, fruitless handles, and debris, and keep them clean. The defective products selected during the loading process must be sold at a discount with fashion bags, and the unprocessed special products must be destroyed before get off work.


When we use wooden shelves, we must pay attention to the orderly display of the inventory under the store shelves. The lid of the storage box with a lid must be covered. The height of the bottom and edge of the wooden shelf is required to be between 2 cm and 3 cm. , The items on the bottom of the table use fireproof boards, but we must pay attention to it. Knives are not allowed under the shelves. 


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