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What are the styles of supermarket shelves?

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The styles of supermarket shelves can be divided from many aspects, such as structure, material and back panel style, etc. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the styles of shelves:

1. Structure-single-sided supermarket shelves, double-sided supermarket shelves and four-sided supermarket shelves, etc.
2. Material-iron shelves, steel shelves, steel-wood shelves and wooden shelves, etc.
3. Back panel-flat back panel, wooden back panel, net back panel and hole back panel, etc.

How to choose the right supermarket shelf?

Different shelves have different effects on the construction of the supermarket shopping environment. How to choose the right supermarket shelves?

1. Choose the right material

What is the right material? If your supermarket is just an ordinary community supermarket, it is enough to choose iron shelves or steel shelves, because these two materials are not expensive, but you should pay attention to the quality of iron shelves Not as good as steel shelves; if your supermarket is a chain supermarket or boutique supermarket, then steel-wood shelves will be more suitable for you, because steel-wood shelves are more beautiful and high-end.

2. Choose the right size

The current racks are basically modular, composed of a group of main racks and several groups of auxiliary racks. The size change is very flexible and suitable for any supermarket. But even so, before purchasing, you should determine the relevant size information, and then configure the appropriate main rack and auxiliary rack, so as not to affect the supermarket shelf display effect.

3. Choose qualified manufacturers

Only a shelf factory with complete qualifications and experience can create a truly good shelf. 

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