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What are the components of the shelf

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Being able to clearly break down the shelves into several major parts, we generally refer to storage shelves. If it is a display shelf, due to its wide variety and diverse structure, various exhibition shelves are very different from each other and cannot be classified. In terms of storage shelves,

Its components mainly include the following components:

Firstly, the column

The column is the column of the shelf, which is used as a "leg" to support the shelf on the ground. Generally, a group of storage shelves has four columns. Each two of them is a column piece from the side of the cross brace and slant support. When the shelf continues to extend from one group to the side, the extended shelf is called a subrack. Since the subrack is attached to the main shelf, only one vertical piece needs to be added.

Secondly, the crossbeam

A crossbeam is equivalent to a beam in a building, with its two ends fixed to two upright pieces, forming a crossbar that spans across the two columns. Each layer is generally composed of two or more crossbeams, mostly two. For example, in heavy-duty shelves, pallets and goods above them are placed on two crossbeams at each level.

Thirdly, laminates

Layered shelves are not a necessary component of storage shelves. For example, heavy-duty shelves that hold pallets do not require them. Pallets can be placed directly on crossbeams, but shelves without pallets require storage media such as pallets when storing and storing goods. In the absence of media, when goods are placed directly on shelves, there is a need for pallets. A laminated board is a flat board that can be made of wood or steel. It is placed on the crossbeam, and the goods are then placed on the layer board,

Fourth, other accessories

In addition to the three main components above, the shelves also have other accessories, such as spacers, rear stops, etc., which are designed to fulfill some of the very useful functions of the shelves

The components of the shelf mainly consist of the above. Of course, due to different functions and requirements, the materials used in each part are different, and specific materials should be selected according to specific requirements.

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