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What are the causes of shelf bending?

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Shelves are essential storage equipment in the warehouse, the structure is simple, easy to disassemble and install, favored by the factory enterprise procurement, but the shelves appear bending deformation is not uncommon, in the end what is the reason? Shelf bending deformation how to do?
1.The use of defective raw materials. Some unscrupulous businesses in order to save costs, the use of defective steel to process the production of shelves, although the thickness of the same size, but its load-bearing capacity is absolutely unable to meet the requirements, perhaps a short period of time may not see any problem, after using a period of time the problem will be exposed, generally manifested as a shelf bending deformation, the phenomenon may also be serious fracture.
2. Production link is not detailed enough. Some shelf manufacturers are not rigorous in all aspects of production, a small detail is not handled well may also cause the shelf bending deformation, such as cutting and punching the size is not accurate, the installation of the raw pull may lead to shelf tilt, in such cases of storage of goods, may be uneven stress caused by the shelf bending deformation, or even shelf laminate, column fracture.
3. Goods are not stored according to the requirements of the weight. After the design of each shelf, the shelf manufacturer will be marked shelf load-bearing range, if the actual storage of goods, more than the load-bearing shelves, or violate the shelf safety principles, may cause the shelf bending deformation.
4. Forklift repeatedly collision. In some large shelves warehouse, forklift handling pallet of goods is not a normal thing, but due to the carelessness of forklift drivers, even if the shelves have been reasonably set up anti-collision pillars, guardrails, forklift collision with the shelves still can not be avoided, quality shelves for a short period of time may not occur bending deformation, over time, the shelves will certainly appear bending deformation phenomenon.

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