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Tips for the maintenance of supermarket shelves

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supermarket shelf

Of course, when we buy shelves, we hope that the longer the service life, the better, the following points of experience in maintaining supermarket shelves are hoped that everyone can take a look:

1. Daily cleaning

In daily supermarket shelf cleaning, wipe the dust with a rag, and then clean it again with a clean rag. The choice of rag must be a softer cloth. If there is mud on the rag, do not wipe the surface of the shelf to avoid scratches. Affect the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of the shelf.

2. The choice of cleaning agent

The maintenance of wood products in supermarket shelves requires wax spraying and cleaning and maintenance agents. But before using the maintenance agent, you need to shake it well, and then hold the spray can at a 45-degree angle to let the maintenance agent completely release, spray it on the dry cloth and wipe the wood products in the supermarket.

3. Regular inspection

Regularly check the looseness and oxidation of spare parts on supermarket shelves, tighten or replace them in time.

4. The load-bearing capacity of the shelf

Supermarket shelves must strictly limit the load-bearing capacity and not overload the load-bearing to avoid damage to the shelves.

5. Moisture-proof of the shelf

Supermarket shelves need to be moisture-proof, and no water should accumulate near the columns of the supermarket shelves. Pay attention to the daily cleaning of the supermarket.

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