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The structure and installation method of attic shelf

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The overall structure of the loft-style shelf is assembled, no on-site welding is required, and the whole is beautiful and generous. Compared with concrete structure or section steel structure, since the bottom floor shelf itself plays the supporting role of the upper floor, it has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization rate.

Attic shelf panels are available in flat plates, patterned steel plates, perforated steel plates and other varieties to meet different requirements for fire protection, ventilation, and lighting. For the upper and lower floors of the goods, forklifts, hydraulic lifting platforms, freight elevators, etc. can be selected; the same-level transportation of goods is usually completed by small trolleys.

Attic racks usually have a load-bearing capacity of 300KG~1000KG/m2. The column chooses a round tube with strong load-bearing capacity and less steel; the primary and secondary beams can be selected according to the load-bearing needs. The loft-style shelf floor panels are made of special C-shaped cold-formed patterned steel plates or hollow panels. The gusset-type structure is rigidly fixed with the primary and secondary beams. The entire platform structure is strong. Different floor panels can be selected according to actual needs. Requirements for fire protection, dust prevention, and fall prevention of small parts. The lighting system can also be configured under the floor as required


The production and installation of loft-style shelves is very simple and quick, easy to assemble, no screws, specifications can be customized, multi-purpose pallets for delivery, easy to use, it is the first choice for storage shelves for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Loft-type racks are suitable for placing large, medium and small items as well as products with uniform specifications. They are easy to sort, convenient and fast to pick up goods, and have a firm structure. The load-bearing capacity of this rack is mostly 800KG on the floor. This platform can save site space and greatly reduce space Other specifications can be customized. This shelf is used in logistics, factories and enterprises, and is suitable for large and medium-sized warehouses.

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