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The network development path of Suzhou Shelf, a traditional industry

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There is no doubt about the convenience of the Internet for people. People often use the “omnipotent Internet” to describe the convenience and all-encompassing of the Internet age. There are no products on the Internet that you can’t buy, only you can’t think of it, from daily food, clothing, housing, transportation to entertainment Leisure, even some obsolete products that have almost faded out of people’s lives, the Internet is no longer a dedicated sales channel for emerging products, many traditional industries have also moved to the Internet, opening a new Internet sales front, and the Suzhou shelf industry has once again stepped out on the Internet. A new development path has been established.

Shelves are a product type widely used in life and work. Suzhou shelves are generally used in supermarkets and corporate warehouses to store raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products of enterprises; supermarket shelves are mainly used for display and display of supermarket products to attract customers to buy; Suzhou shelves have the advantages of convenient disassembly and easy adjustment. They are widely used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouses. In addition to these shelves, there are trolleys, shopping baskets, vegetable and fruit shelves, cashier counters, etc. There are many types of shelves More than 50 species are used in all walks of life. It stands to reason that as the main carrier for carrying and storing products, Suzhou Shelf is “the emperor’s daughter will not worry about marrying”, but as far as Suzhou Shelf Factory is concerned, why does Suzhou Shelf Factory or Suzhou Shelf Company change business or close down from time to time? Suzhou Yuanda Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a traditional and innovative Suzhou shelf factory that specializes in the design, production, sales and installation of storage shelves and supermarket shelves. Unlike the passive sales offices of the previous year, the operators of Suzhou Broad Value the Internet as a huge information sharing platform, took the lead in the industry to switch shelf sales from offline to the Internet, and established long-term cooperative relationships with Wal-Mart, RT-Mart and other well-known companies, becoming a leader in the traditional Suzhou shelf benefiting from the Internet. Those who think that Suzhou supermarket shelves and supermarket showcases are not suitable for network development and expansion are convinced.

Combining the innovative features of the Internet, Suzhou Yuanda Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. has continued to develop and expand product types, involved in the design, production, sales and installation of Suzhou shelves, storage heavy shelves, and Suzhou non-standard formulations. Products are placed from factory logistics shelves to integration. Warehousing services and the sales model are both offline and online, allowing the traditional industry of shelves to embark on the path of modern network development.

Post time:        Mar-18-2021

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