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The modern meaning of shelves

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1. Improved land utilization

Take the loft-style shelf warehouse as an example, the floor area has not changed, the building area has increased, and the floor area ratio has been increased. Compared with the construction of steel structure warehouses, the investment and construction of shelves has the characteristics of less investment, short construction period, quick results, adjustable and movable. Therefore, considering factors such as floor area ratio and input-output, the implementation of the shelf project has effectively improved the land utilization rate.

2. Improved asset utilization and rate of return

The use of shelves can increase the utilization rate of the warehouse, which is generally equivalent to 1.5-2.5 times the storage capacity of the flat warehouse, and the storage income will increase in the same proportion.

For example, the loft-style shelf warehouse: Taking home appliances as the measurement object, the effective inventory area before the transformation is 4,540 square meters, and the warehouse utilization rate is 75%. After the transformation, the effective inventory area is 7610 square meters, which is an increase of 3,070 square meters compared to the flat warehouse, an increase of 77.1%.

3. Improved the quality of logistics services

(1) Improve the efficiency of goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The products used on the shelves are generally placed on pallets. The products are placed on the pallets and then placed on the shelves with a forklift. The forklift is fast, the loading capacity is large, the loading and unloading efficiency is improved, and the average loading and unloading time is shortened by 26%.

(2) It is conducive to shelf storage and reduces the damage of goods. On the one hand, due to the constraints of the size of the pallet and the size of the cargo space when the goods are palletized, the goods must be stacked neatly. On the other hand, in beam-type racking and drive-in racking warehouses, the goods are placed on the pallet from stacking to the pallet to the loading rack until delivery, and no multiple stacking actions are generated. In the loft-style shelf warehouse, the process of vertical transportation of goods is completed by the cooperation of manual and mechanical cooperation, which reduces the corresponding decrease in the packaging damage rate caused by manual lifting due to fatigue.

(3) The labor intensity of the loading and unloading workers has been reduced, the enthusiasm for work has increased, and the enthusiasm for learning technology has also increased correspondingly, which has played a good role in stabilizing the loading and unloading team.

(4) It is convenient for computer management. Each position on the shelf is uniquely fixed, and the position number is fixed on the shelf column and it is not easy to be damaged. Enter each cargo location number into the computer, and then enter the goods into each cargo location number. When the goods are to be shipped, the computer can print out the goods stored on a certain cargo location number, which is convenient for tallying and loading and unloading operations, and can provide customers The information on the circulation of its goods can better serve customers. However, it is difficult to fix a cargo location number in a flat warehouse. Generally, computers can only print out the area and cannot be accurate to each cargo location number.

4. Enhance corporate image and expand brand awareness

After the shelf system was put into operation, the brand effect of the company was further enhanced. For customers, what they see is the advanced logistics facilities, equipment, technology and efficient services that are different from other logistics companies, which enhances the confidence of cooperation, thus providing a reliable guarantee for the introduction of large customers, large business and high-end products customers.

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