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The maintenance and maintenance of warehouse rack

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With the continuous development of technology, a series of storage racking systems, such as light, medium and heavy racks, and loft racks in the new generation of racks, are mainly composed of combined structures. The integrated combination of storage racks is getting more and more attention. Freezer racks , Anti-static shelves and other special-purpose shelves are becoming more and more popular. Traditional welding methods can no longer meet the application requirements and are also favored by the majority of industries. Shelves have been used in all walks of life, whether it is industrial or commercial, there is no shortage of shelves, so the maintenance and maintenance of shelves need more and more attention. There are four main points to note about the maintenance and maintenance of the shelf.

1. Control sunlight and ventilate the cargo reasonably: prevent rain, snow, water and moisture; timely drain and dehumidify; take targeted storage measures for special cargo; strengthen the management of warehouses, carry out fire prevention, anti-theft, prevent stacks from collapsing, and prevent insects Control the temperature of rodents, mildew, etc. properly.

2. Packed goods can be stacked and stored, but there must be stacking auxiliary facilities to facilitate ventilation. If unpacked bulk goods should be placed on the upper shelf of the storage shelf, they should be distinguished. Carton-packed goods should be kept Complete, avoid the loss of goods, and do not stack and store too heavy, or the carton will collapse under too high pressure.

3. When storing goods, all goods must be stored separately according to brand and specifications to avoid confusion and errors when picking up the goods. There are also different goods stored in different positions according to the weight of the storage shelf, and the stacking height is appropriate. .

4. When the goods in the warehouse are in the warehouse, they should be inspected regularly, and the goods should be inspected every day before and after get off work. If the weather is rainy season, the inspection frequency should be increased. If the product is found to be damaged or damaged, measures should be taken in time to avoid damage to the product.warehouse rack

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