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The advantages of shelves of different materials in supermarket shelves

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In terms of materials, the cost of ordinary steel shelves is slightly higher than that of wooden shelves. But in terms of the cost of processing materials, wood is generally slightly cheaper than steel.

In terms of surface treatment, steel shelves all adopt the surface treatment process of the assembly line, which is fast and has high surface treatment quality. At present, wooden shelves are mostly painted with paint, which is slow and expensive.

In terms of application, wooden shelves, especially storage shelves, are heavy and cannot be adjusted. The steel shelves, due to the high load-bearing capacity of the steel itself, can also achieve a higher heavy load capacity with light materials.

In terms of handling, once the wooden shelf is formed, it cannot be disassembled under normal circumstances, which greatly increases the difficulty of handling the shelf, and it is directly thrown away for a lot of time. The steel shelves can be disassembled and assembled, and there is no need to repeatedly invest in the cost of re-production of the shelves.

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