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Suzhou Yuanda Visits Saudi Arabian Customers

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This week, our salesperson Jackie and the boss went to Saudi Arabia to visit customers. This customer is our old customer who has been working with us for over ten years and has always trusted our products. They are very satisfied with our products and highly appreciate Jackie's professional knowledge and abilities. The shelf he purchased this time is one of our regular styles. The flat back shelf has been customized with 7 layers by the customer, and the color has been chosen in dark gray. This shelf has super load-bearing capacity, meeting the needs of the shelf. Fully verified load-bearing capacity, each layer of load can be customized according to customer needs, and it is not afraid of many goods, making use more reassuring. Selected high-quality materials, environmentally friendly and harmless. The shelves are made of cold-rolled steel, which is made from hot-rolled coils and rolled below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature. Cold-rolled steel plates are steel plates produced through the cold rolling process. Suzhou Yuanda's spraying process has also received praise from customers. Our shelves are washed with acid, phosphating, and water before being dried and sprayed with powder. The powder can be evenly sprayed on the components of the shelves to achieve uniform powder thickness. After coating, the powder is melted, leveled, and solidified at high temperatures, making it difficult for the powder on the shelves to fall off. Easy installation and complete accessories.The height between the layers can be adjusted by oneself, and the bracket adopts three snap on brackets, which are firm and easy to install. Adopting reinforced rib design, it is super load-bearing and more stable in placement. The customer purchased a flat back panel this time, which can also be replaced with a hole back panel to fix various brackets. In addition, we can also follow up on customer needs and add end shelves.

Specializes in the study, design and products supermarkets shelves. warehouse racks, shopping trolley, plastic baskets and other logistic equipments, amount to hundreds of types and specifications.

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