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Supermarket shelf manufacturing process

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Supermarket shelves are the rapid development of the supermarket industry, which has driven domestic demand and consumption. At present, the emergence of large and small supermarket shelf factories has unintentionally increased the number of buyers in the supermarket industry in choosing their own supermarket shelf suppliers. There are many problems. The specialization of the manufacturing process of gondola rack is the key to judging the quality of supermarket shelves.

The supermarket rack adopts a structural model, which is composed of columns, beams, cross braces, diagonal braces and self-pinning bolts, which can prevent the consequences caused by the loosening of the bolts.

The raw materials of the shelves are all made of P-type cold steel with special characteristics, and the purpose is to have special designed safety parts to ensure that they will not fall off when impacted by external forces.

The point is that it has strong bearing capacity, abrasion resistance, simple replacement, low maintenance cost, and can be as required by the size and thickness of the laminate. Gondola shelving mainly choose cold rolled steel, and the main equipment for its production includes cold rolling production lines, spray lines, gas welding machines, etc.

The process flow is:

Cold rolling process: including coil loading, flattening, high-speed punch L, roll forming, cutting, etc.

Surface treatment process: the spraying process is: shelf components-spray degreasing-spray pickling-cleaning and neutralization-spray phosphating-drying-automatic spraying-manual spraying-high temperature sulfonation-cooling treatment.

Welding process: Use carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine, complete electric welder fixtures and a group of skilled welding workers to ensure the strength of the shelf products and make them have a first-class appearance.

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