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Start loading after the installation of the five story heavy-duty shelves is completed

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When it comes to the number of shelves, it is often easy to misunderstand with customers. As for heavy-duty shelves, most designs place the bottom layer directly on the ground without the need for crossbeams, so the actual number of crossbeams is one less layer than the number of heavy-duty shelves. For example, in our case today, it is a five story heavy-duty shelf, but only has four crossbeams, which is what we refer to in our professional terminology as a four story crossbeam and five story layout.

In fact, not only heavy shelves, but also medium and light shelves may have misunderstandings with customers due to the number of layers. The main difference for other types of shelves is that they are installed on the top layer. Generally, the top layer of the shelves will be installed to the highest point. From the feeling, many customers feel that it is not a storage layer, but similar to a cabinet, and the top layer cannot be considered as storage space. But on the shelf, it is indeed a layer of storage material, which is exactly the same as other layers and can accommodate the same goods. At the same time, it can also adjust its height and not be used on top.

The height of a five story heavy-duty shelf is relatively high. Calculated at 1 meter for each layer of goods, there are only 5 meters for five layers of goods. With the height of the crossbeam and the reserved space for forklift operation, it usually exceeds 6 meters. Of course, the column does not necessarily need to be at this height because the top column does not need to be flush with the goods, usually two-thirds of the goods.

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