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Reasons for the price difference of different steel and wood shelves

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Nowadays, there are more and more applications of steel-wood shelves in supermarket shelves, and the use of steel-wood combined shelves is more and more accepted. Therefore, various shelf manufacturers have joined the design and production of steel and wood shelves. The price and quality of steel and wood supermarket shelves sold on the market are uneven. When choosing, many customers consider the price in addition to the price. In addition, there will also be such a question, why is the price of steel and wood shelves of the same size so different?

1. Structural factors of steel and wood shelves

Structural factors are a factor in the price difference between similar-looking steel and wood shelves. This is mainly related to the fixation of the steel frame of the wooden board. The structure of supermarket shelves or convenience store shelves is basically similar, and the choice of the back panel is generally the choice of back net, perforated board or wooden back panel. In addition to fixing on the uprights, it is also possible to add fixings to the connecting pieces between the uprights. Different manufacturers have different fixing methods, resulting in different thicknesses of boards, which also causes the second factor that affects the price of steel-wood shelves.

2. The size of the board is different

The same is the wooden back panel and side hanging, the thickness of the selected wood panel will be very different. The thicker the board, the stronger the shelf stability. Therefore, in the selection of steel and wood shelves, it is necessary to determine the material and thickness of the wood plank, and the price factor of wood has a great influence.

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