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Reasons for deformation of supermarket shelves! How to avoid shelf deformation?

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supermarket shelf

We all know that supermarket shelves can bear no more weight than storage shelves, and many businesses do not think so, so it often leads to shelf deformation due to too much pressure. The reasons for the deformation of supermarket shelves are generally as follows:

1. Reasons for improper selection of materials. When customers buy shelves, they will inevitably encounter some bad shelf manufacturers, cut corners, cut corners, and overcharge, which will deform the shelves.

2. The placement of the goods exceeds the shelf load of the shelf, that is, when the shelf is purchased, the shelf manufacturer will select the corresponding material according to the layer load of the goods, and if in actual use, the weight of the goods on the shelf exceeds the weight of the material selected at the time When, the shelf will be deformed.

3. Improper handling of handling equipment. Sometimes, when the user uses handling equipment such as a forklift to operate the goods, due to the driver’s problem, the forklift will hit the shelf and cause the shelf to deform.

4. Uneven weight distribution will cause the shelf to deform; for example, when placing goods, the weight of each layer of goods is concentrated in the middle part, and there is no layer of cargo weight on both sides, it will definitely cause the shelf to deform.

How to avoid the deformation of the shelf requires the following points. When designing the shelf, the basic principles of the design must be followed.

1. It is made of high-quality materials and high-quality cold-rolled steel materials.

2. Anti-top-heavy: The principle of putting light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom should be achieved.

3. Appropriate operations are required when handling. Operators should move items according to requirements to reduce losses.

4. It is necessary to choose a good shelf manufacturer. Good manufacturers produce goods more reliably and provide customers with more guarantee in after-sales service. 

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