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New supermarket vegetable and fruit shelf new

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Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation. You can see all kinds of different fruit stores everywhere. Opening a fruit store naturally requires fruit and vegetable shelves. Today, I will tell you about our new vegetable and fruit shelves. The design of vegetable and fruit racks should be fresh and natural, with an idyllic atmosphere, so as to attract more customers from the shelves. Therefore, the types of supermarket shelves must follow the trend and buy new ones.


The picture above is the new fruit shelf. The popular steel-wood combination is used in the selection of materials. The steel-wood supermarket shelf is also a popular style. The shelf uses a metal frame with a solid structure, and then undergoes surface treatment and anti-static spray.


This fruit and vegetable rack is designed according to the entire store, with a complete range of different styles, including a single-sided wall shelf, a double-sided island shelf, and a promotion table that can place various fruits. The above styles can also be customized according to the actual needs of the store, so that each customer can buy a fruit shelf that suits them.

This vegetable and fruit rack is designed according to the steel and wood supermarket shelves, and is similar to the steel and wood supermarket shelves in terms of style and material selection. The steel and wood supermarket shelves are very different from the previous iron shelves in terms of material selection and style, which is why this shelf can be popular and popularized, and it is also loved by customers in various industries.

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