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How to place the cash register in a convenience store

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Convenience store cashier area is the last place customers stay before leaving the store, and it is also the most likely area for impulsive consumption. Using the convenience store cashier counter to display some small commodities may seem inconspicuous, but it can help the store increase sales to a certain extent. . So how should the cash register be placed? What products can be placed in the cash register area? These issues are worth exploring for convenience store operators.

Convenience store checkout counters are generally set up near the entrance of the store, and the passage area is relatively wide and the line of sight is better. This is to have a warning effect in the door area, on the other hand, let customers see the location of the cashier at a glance to facilitate shopping and paying.

The new convenience store cash register no longer only has a cash register function, but also uses a combination of ways to make the styles flexible and changeable, and make full use of the space. There are shelves in the front, and trash cans, drawers, and sockets are “hidden” on the inside. On the front shelf of the cash register can be placed some high-profit items and some candies, paper towels, and toys. These kinds of non-essential daily necessities that can be bought or not, under normal circumstances, it is easy to induce the audience to make impulsive consumption. . Many people may purchase alcohol and tobacco display cabinets when they choose the cash register, thinking that the display position of the tobacco and alcohol cabinet is not in the most prominent position of the cash register, which violates the “first distance” display principle of tobacco and alcohol display. Cigarettes Can not achieve a good display effect. In a small convenience store, it is still a wise move to place the alcohol and tobacco back cabinet behind the checkout counter. On the one hand, tobacco and alcohol, as a high-end consumer product, are placed at the cashier where the shop staff are concentrated, which serves as an anti-theft warning effect. On the other hand, the glass packaging of alcohol products is prone to accidentally falling and causing unnecessary disputes. It is placed on the inside of the cashier where customers will not pass by. The clerk personally explains the recommended sales, which not only prevents accidents, but also improves service. quality. In the initial layout design of the convenience store, it is necessary to consider the location and display plan of the cashier area, and use the crowd advantage of the cashier area to help the store obtain better returns.

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