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How to place hooks on supermarket shelves

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Supermarket shelf hook display, also known as hanging display, is a way of shelf display. The purpose is to hang non-three-dimensional, flat and slender products on fixed hooks or rotating hooks to achieve a three-dimensional display effect of goods.

1. The height and number of layers of hanging display should be determined according to the length and thickness of the goods to be hung. The general display method is top-down display. After the upper shelf hooks are fixed, adjust the horizontal spacing, and the spacing is based on the width of the goods. , so as not to occlude each other for collisions. The number of goods displayed on each hook should not be too many, 5-6 are better. The top-down display can ensure the orderliness of the upper display, and the height of the bottom is not enough for the height of a section of goods. The bottom of the shelf can use the bottom plate to display goods as a temporary turnover.

2. The firmness of the hanging of the product is very important. The product cannot be dropped as soon as it is touched. If it falls easily, consider replacing the wave-type double straight hook or a hook with an anti-drop stopper.

3. The display of hooks set at the exit of the aisle should not affect the passage, and the hanging commodities should not be too numerous and complicated, which will affect the customers entering the store.

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