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How to choose the right shelf in different places?

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Compared with convenience stores, community supermarkets not only have a larger area, but also sell more types of goods and regional layouts. As a result, novice operators are even more embarrassed when purchasing shelves.

The shelves used in different areas are not the same, so what style of shelves is better for the daily necessities area of the supermarket? Don’t worry, let us introduce them to you.

What are the materials of supermarket shelves?
Although supermarket shelves have various styles and materials, the more common materials in the market are iron, steel and steel-wood composites. Although iron shelves are cheap, they are prone to corrosion and will not last for a long time. Therefore, there are more supermarkets using steel shelves and steel-wood shelves.

What style of shelves are used in the daily necessities area of the supermarket?
The commodities in the daily necessities area of the supermarket can be purchased by customers at will. When designing the supermarket shelf display, there must be strong openness. Generally, single-sided shelves or double-sided shelves can be selected according to the placement of daily chemical products.
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