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How to choose the most cost-effective supermarket shelves?

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Facing the supermarket shelves with many styles and different materials, they are not only afraid of buying inferior products of poor quality, but also afraid of wasting money by buying high prices. So how to choose the right shelf?
supermarket shelf
1. Which material is cheaper for supermarket shelves?
The more commonly used supermarket shelves are generally made of iron, wood and steel and wood. In addition, there are fewer choices of plastic shelves and wooden shelves. Different shelves have different quality and different display effects, so there are some differences in price. Among the commonly used materials, iron shelves are relatively cheaper.
2. Which material of supermarket shelves is of good quality?
Supermarket shelves are very important display props. Relative to price, quality is king. Although iron shelves are cheaper, the quality is average.
Iron shelves – easy to rust, prone to deformation and paint peeling after long-term use, affecting the appearance.
Steel shelves – made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, strong load-bearing.
Steel and wood shelves – cold-rolled steel and wood panels are combined, beautiful and high-grade, and have a long service life.
To sum up, the quality of steel shelves and steel-wood shelves are good, but the price of steel-wood shelves is higher. If you just want to open an ordinary community supermarket, it is enough to choose freshly-made shelves.

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